Therapeutic Massage


Massage and Bodywork

Customized therapeutic massage and bodywork for each client. Everyone's needs are different. Sessions may include assessments, muscle testing & bodywork, utilizing NKT, Myofascial work, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish massage, Orthopedic massage, and movement therapy.

30 minutes$45.00
45 minutes$60.00
60 minutes$75.00
90 minutes$115.00

Stress Breaker

Face, Head, Neck and Shoulder deep tissue massage and stretching treatment to rid the body of the day's turmoils.

30 minutes$45.00

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping sessions include an assessment of a problematic area and correct application of RockTape. Taping can help to enhance performance, decrease pain, relax tight muscles, and facilitate dysfunctional muscles. Application is key!

Kinesio Taping$35.00

Year of Massage

Buy 12 Massage & Bodywork sessions of the same length for your monthly fix, and save **20% on each session!

**Must use all 12 massages within 12 months, or the additional 20% per session will be charged. May use more than one session per month.

12 Sessions of 30 Minutes$432.00
12 Sessions of 60 Minutes$720.00
12 Sessions of 90 Minutes$1104.00

Add Ons

Add these therapeutic services to your massage session for a more enhanced session.



Add the scent of essential oils to your session for deeper relaxation and its true essence.

30+ minutes$5.00

Kinesio Taping

When combined with a massage, taping can help prolong the effects of the massage by sending afferent signals to the brain even after the session is over. The tape will continue to decrease pain, calm overactive muscles, and in other cases, facilitate inactive muscles with proper application.

with massage$10.00

Equine Massage

Massage therapy for your equine partner, relieving soreness and dysfunction in soft tissue.


Equine Massage-1st Session

Your horse's first session includes a detailed history, movement assessment, conformation evaluation, and a full body massage session.

100 minutes$110.00

Equine Massage-Follow Up

Follow up massage session including either full body massage or work on specific problem area.

60 minutes$75.00
Barn Call:

20 miles or less: $10

21- 40 miles: $20

40+ miles: Negotiable

Can be split amongst multiple horses
Barn visits require an additional fee which is not included in the gift certificate cost.